New! Text Message (SMS) Support:
We are testing using text messages to improve customer service. You can text us at 855.869.0043. Specialized customer service representatives are available Monday- Friday from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time. A few things to keep in mind:

  • We will not spam you with text messages, we will only use this to communicate based on your inquiry
  • It's not a perfect technology, during testing we have had a few instances where messages weren't sent or received. Our service provider is constantly improving deliverability
  • You actually won't be texting anyone's cell phone, so you may not receive an instant reply. There's a little bit of latency as the technology does it's magic!
  • At this time, we can't receive photos, audio files, or other media via text message. If you want to send attachments, you can always message on Facebook or send an email.

With that said, you can send us a text message at 855.869.0043 and we'll give it a go! Phone Support:
You can reach us at 855.869.0043. Specialized customer service representatives are available Monday- Friday from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time.

By email
Email is your best bet. We try our hardest to reply quickly. Click here to send an email. For the most part, we reply the same day, the next day at the latest. If you have an urgent issue, just let us know in the subject line of your message.

If you have sent an email, and have not received a response, please check your SPAM folder as we reply to all emails.

We also accept messages via Facebook. For some, this is preferable method of contact as there's no chance of emails being filtered into a SPAM folder.

Looking for a tracking number?
Did you check your spam folder? Many times, our shipping confirmation emails end up in SPAM.

Regarding orders
If you want to place an order, remember you can order online and call us with your credit card number, or fax in your credit card payment. Ordering online is quick, easy and safe, and reduces errors. We do not accept telephone orders.

Vendor Relations
To reach our buyer, or special order manager, please contact our buyer here. Please ensure that the file size of attachments is less than 1MB or else your emails will not reach their destination. Please do not contact our customer service department to reach our buyer.

For help with an existing order

Use this contact form for the fastest response to a problem with an existing order. Your correspondence will be routed to the appropriate customer service representative to handle your issue. This is the most efficient way to resolve an order issue because the appropriate customer service agent can research your issue and provide a response. Our response time is between 2-4 hours Monday-Friday 11AM-9PM Pacific Time.

Send us an email

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