The idea started years ago with an intense love for all things clothing, combined with an affinity for t-shirts. Sometimes, ideas come a little too early and you have to wait for technology to catch up. Back then, direct-to-garment printing was new and the machines were often hacked versions of regular printers, and a lot of innovations had not been created yet.

Fast forward a few years and technology evolved greatly and BadBananas was created soon thereafter.

Each item is hand-printed to order, just for you. We keen an inventory of "blank" garments, and embroider or decorate when we get your order. For that reason, it does take a few business days for orders to ship and there are occasions when orders can take a wee bit longer than expected if the print wasn't top notch and we have to do it all over again. Each phone case is printed to order, everything is customized to order.

This does enable us to further customize items so if you're looking for things for a group or company, let us know and we will see what we can do.